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Top 5 reasons why kids (and adults too) should get moving!

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We all need physical activity to be a part of our daily routines to enjoy the health benefits of exercise. With over one-third of children and adolescents being overweight or obese, this couldn’t be more true for America’s youth today. The epidemic of childhood obesity is one of the major health challenges that United Way is committed to facing and improving to advance the common good. Initiatives like United Way Fit Kids are giving children in our region the knowledge, tools, and inspiration that they need to live healthier lives. Being healthy is not just about eating a nutritious diet. Exercise is essential for fighting obesity and improving overall well-being.

Here are my top 5 reasons why kids (and adults too) should get moving!

1. Improves Confidence

 Exercise builds self-confidence. Kids who are physically fit feel good about their body image. They are more confident when it is time for gym class or sports tryouts. Encouraging children to play outside and join local teams is a great way to help them stay in shape and feel good about themselves.

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